Metal Roofs & Green Roofs

While the major focus of our work lies within either doing all kinds of repair-installation works regarding the regular, tiled or shingle-layered rooftops, we also have a range of additional related services, such as these ones.
We’re ready to help, whether you will need us to install a metal roof for saving on your building’s energy consumption, or to replace your roof with an eco-friendly one!

The thing is that either of these two types of roofs (and materials) can contribute to few critical improvements for both homeowners and businessmen owning a commercial building:

  • It makes your house more efficient in energy consumption
  • It improves the indoors air ventilation drastically
  • A metal roof, additionally, will be more durable against the harsh weather and will simply last longer
Though, with the metal roof, you will need to consider the issue of aesthetics, as not everyone is pleased with how the metal rooftops look.
On the other hand, eco-friendly roofs have an appealing look, besides the waterproofing layer that makes sure that the water does not leak inside your building…
Minimal Duration: 1h 20m
Having a roof over your head is a great thing… unless it needs to be repaired or replaced! Whenever you will need us to do either of those, on par with skylights installing, chimneys or rain gutters cleaning or any other rooftop or a shingles related fix – we’ll be at your service!

Full List of Our Roofing & Related Services: